Video Game Haul #17!


Come. Come and see my wares. And then tell me what you had for dinner.

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  • Chris Skull Candy Dawson

    Is that Goku and Piccolo on your fridge OOOOOHHHH WHEEEEEEE :DDDD

    • Chris Skull Candy Dawson

      Whoops cabinet xDD

      • britt5091

        HAHA! It certainly is! 😀

  • Devin Hudson

    You had me laughing within the first second, so needless to say the video was hilarious.

    Also, I wish I lived in a place where 72 degrees is considered hot. Stupid Texas weather.

    • britt5091

      Aw yay! Glad to hear it! 😀

  • Jonathan Lindberg


    • britt5091