Conan O’Brien Reviews “Grand Theft Auto V”

Okay, admittedly I’ve never watched (although I’ve heard of) Clueless Gamer — Conan O’Brien’s video game “reviews” — before this episode, but HOLY FUCKSHITS ON A SHITHOLE that was some hilarious stuff. BAHAHAHAHA. Now I want to fire up GTA V even harder than before.

Oh, God. I’m still laughing.

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  • Robby Gregg

    i’m still laughing too

  • Dan Nelson

    I totally wanna go to a strip club with Conan now. I just think we should take seperate cars.

  • Andrew McCaslin

    His “review” of Tomb Raider was hilarous.

  • m1zark

    his game reviews are always classic

  • Derrick Daarud

    Holy shit, thank you Brit this made my damn night. I woke up my room mates I was laughing so hard.