Can’t touch this dananananananana can’t touch this dundundundundun…..

I, uh, I mean…

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  • Boots_33


  • Cammy

    Where can I get this shirt?

    • I *want* to say it was on Busted Tees. 🙂

  • Ya your shirt is cooler but I can actually play Song of Storms on an ocarina irl

    • Britt

      WELL…WELL…I can play it on a FAKE IN-GAME OCARINA!

  • Preston

    I can play it too. It’s just “a”, down, up, “a’, down, up.

  • Yep. That’s cool. But of course your presence is what makes it teh bestes.

    • Britt

      DAWWWWWWWW. <3.

      • Britt

        Also, I dunno dude, your red shirt is pretty awesome.

        • Why thank you. That pic is sort of old. Like I think I was in senior year of college or maybe first year of grad school. But I pretty much haven’t changed. LOL.

          You’d probably like the one of me in front of the giant ME3 poster at PAX East much better.

  • Bcgal

    I got a Pikachu shirt, that beats all //shot