The Greatest Photo of All Time

Well, the greatest photo of yours truly, anyway.

While it’s not that surprising to see yours truly being an absolute fucking weirdo, I promise there is a reason for the above tomfoolery.

Last Friday my good vagina friend Erin and I (yes, what female friends I have are always labeled as my “vagina” friends) decided to have a chick retreat and stay overnight at a casino. We weren’t allowed to snap any photos inside the casino itself (which I thought was kiiinda weird because in Vegas I was allowed to snap as many photos as I wanted!) but that’s okay — all of the fun shit went down in the room.

Warning: alcohol may or may not have been involved. (Hint: it was involved.)

In Erin’s defense, I was a shitty photographer. She caught mad air, bro!

As my friend Tony put it — “, everybody.”

Don’t let the sober look fool you.

Freakin’ props.

So, there was this table…

What was happening I don’t even.

Uh, paper airplanes, anybody?


Yep. That’s what THIS chick was doing last Friday night. So, uh, how was YOUR weekend? ;D

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