Oi, Robin, How U Doin?!











You gotta admit, he looks like Cole (from inFamous) and Eminem’s lovechild. Which I guess isn’t a terribly bad thing…::giggity::

But I’ll be honest. The last time I ever followed Robin in any shape or form was when he looked like this…
…so I really have no right to judge his character. At any rate, I’m extremely pumped for Arkham City. CAN’T. FRIGGEN. WAIT.

What do you think of Robin’s new design?

PS: …I’d hit it.

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  • Justin

    I think it looks fine. Just add the colour scheme and personality and it will be like Robin

    • Britt

      Isn’t Robin whiny? How can something so badass be whiny?! 😉

  • SeanDKnight

    Way too conservative! Batman will want to see more skin.


    • Britt

      Bahahahahaa. “Like”

  • It’s hard to tell without seeing the colors, but it looks pretty good to me!

    • Britt

      What if they just kept him black and white?!?!?!111

  • Arvind (Ra1th)

    the robin you’re thinking of is dick grayson from the 40s. Tim Drake is wayyyy cooler.


    Tim drake is to me, what Super Boy is Greg Miller. Well not that insane, but still, fav super hero.

    • Britt

      oOOOOoOoOoh. Okay. Thanks, you learned me a bit.

  • What’s the deal with the Mike Tyson Tattoo?

    • Think that’s just the corner of his mask cause he’s doing a whole face down emo thing. I’m with Britt though – while the design if fine, I’ve missed the whole “Robin Is A Cool Character” thing… Dick Grayson/Batman 70’s Show is the only Robin I know. I’m mildly intrigued to see what’s up.