Mark Nunez is INSANELY Talented

Sometime last week Mark got a hold of me via Twitter and asked if he could draw my portrait. Okay, I thought — why the hell not? I didn’t know if it was for a project, or for whatever, BUT WHO AM I TO TELL SOMEONE THEY CANNOT DRAW MY MUG ON PAPER?!!!

Well, holy balls — I don’t know what I was expecting when he linked me to an update, but it sure as hell wasn’t this:

Hot damn, dude. Well freakin’ done.

But if you REALLY want your mind to be blown, allow me to draw my self portrait.

For it is a little known fact that I too dabble in the skill of art.


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  • I like your portrait better xD

    • Dude, that really is some good shiz.

      How did you learn? I was thinking about learning how from , but I currently lack the dedication to learn realistic portraits.

      You got a DA or something?

      • Yep lol

        • britt5091

          My portrait took forever to draw. I hope you can appreciate the raw talent it required.

          • Mark Anthony Nunez

            Bes portrait i’ve done in a while 🙂 quite proud of it 🙂

  • lawl, better than the stick figure knight riding a unicorn i drew today

    • That’s how i started LOL

    • britt5091

      OMFG I WANT TO TRY TO DRAW THAT. Notice how I say “try”. Because although you’re working with stick figures it still sounds difficult.

  • I am way better at writing than drawing so I will stick to that

    • britt5091

      Yeah, clearly it’s the same with me 😉

  • Johnna Yoakum

    Totally awesome. And adorable.