…from my group of Brosephs to yours!

HAPPY 2012!!!

New Year’s Eve was a blur, I drank a lot, my feet have bruises and I made a move on a ReDead. More details on THAT to come later 😉

Until then, enjoy the below photo because it’s 100% awesome  concentrate juice. Whatever that means.

<3 Britt

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  • dmann

    Did you get a lightsaber battle while you were out as well?

  • Bradley Fraser

    I feel as long as that man is in this world, I have way too much competition for ladies

  • Boots_33

    I feel that it needs to ve asked, and so I must do so…

    Chain mail dress lady… Single? Also what are my odds?

    • Boots_33

      Oh man, I wasn’t durnk at ALL when I posted this, hehehe.

      But really, no chance, right? 😛