Firework War!!!

Remember that firework war I told you my dad and I were going to have? Here’s a video.

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  • Just have to say your dad seems like a pretty awesome guy.

    The war looks like great fun and, without going into a pitiful life story, I’m slightly jealous. 😛

    • Britt

      HAHA! He is pretty awesome 🙂

  • DroxidePHD

    Explosions. Injuries. Armymen. That looks like all kinds’a awesome!
    But your Dad won, sorry. He had superior tactics, firepower AND was dressed for war (open-toed shoes & nerd tee do not good war attire make)
    Better luck next year 🙂

    • Britt

      …I’m never talking to you again.


  • Wilibald

    I love the fact that you used the music from battefield 1942 !! Such a great song 🙂

    • Britt

      YAY! I figured some folks would appreciate that!

  • Kc

    I wish I would have recorded my battles. It was one tank vs one tank. You shove firecrackers in them. First one to blow up looses…

    • Britt