Do you like Star Trek? Come. Have this. **WINNER!**

Update: It’s time to pick a winner, and you know what that means! That’s right, kiddos, it means it’s time to once again visit RANDOM.ORG┬áso that it may do the grueling task of choosing a winner instead of yours truly having to.

ALRIGHTY! Vlinn, the Star Trek poster are belong to you. Shoot me an email ( and I’ll get it out to you ASAP!


Original post


What you are looking at, my friends, is one of three things I found while scouring garage sales this morning. That’s right — I spent four hours traversing the homes and yards of strangers only to come back with a Star Trek poster, a copy of Perfect Dark Zero and a new podcasting headset. (Admittedly I AM excited about the headset…)

Star Trek personally isn’t my thing and I’ve never gotten into it, but my best guess is that SOME of you dig it, therefore when I saw this bad boy sitting all by its lonesome self at a garage sale I just had to cough over $150 to buy it. HA. Okay, so, I really didn’t spend that much. But for serious, if you would like this Star Trek poster leave me a comment below! I’ll pick someone on Monday.

Until then, have a fantastical weekend!!!

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