Here are some pictures of industry events, me goofing off, and other random, inanimate objects.

That being said, enjoy gazing upon my nerdery!

  • Adamf880

    Is that a real flier for The Big Whiskey? Almost makes it seem like your teaching the line dancing. Way to accidentally rep some Zelda!

    • Britt

      I always rep Zelda. ALWAYS. ;D

  • Brandon

    That Zelda shirt is amazing, I remember when I used to play The Legend of Zelda when I was a wee young lad. Many years later I just play shooters…I believe I must bust out the old console and start a quest!

    • Britt

      Thank you! And yes, play a retro game! It’s the best feeling ever.

  • dean griffin

    I think you are amazing person. keep up the great fun you obviously have everyday…


    You scare the hell out of me

  • morocco

    very nice

  • placiddream

    love her smile.. so genuine

  • Mark

    Absolutely amazing !!! It’s inspiring to see your passion and hard work along with your dedication pay off. Oh, and your simply drop dead gorgeous :P