**CLOSED** Win Tickets, Come To Sacramento And Eat Wings

sactown wings

Oooh ladies and gentleman. If I don’t know if I’ve ever ran a contest this near and dear to my heart.

So. My love for hot wings is as bold and out there as my love for Alistair. From reading your comments, tweets and Facebook posts I know a lot of you also share love for ‘dem lil’ ol’ wings. Would your mind explode into a million tiny pieces of awesome if I told you that there’s a FREAKIN’ HOT WING FESTIVAL OCCURRING NEXT MONTH?!

Because there totally is. It’s called Sactown Wings, and it’s going to be glorious. There will be live music, games (think Giant Jenga, Cornole, beer pong, etc.) cheep beer, aaaaand — drumroll please — over 20,000 chicken wings. 

The event takes place in Sacramento, CA on Saturday, August 23rd. If you’re local to the area, or hell, if you plan to make the trek from your home to Sacramento (which is totally what I’m doing) enter the contest below to win a pair of tickets. Each ticket will grant the holder 15 wings, 2 beers and $2 refills. Uh, yes please.


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  • Nikki Powell

    Best flavor is buffalo!! But orange miso is pretty bomb.

  • Chad Tillman

    This may be your best contest yet, Brit.

  • Well I hope I entered :/ cheers to the winner and may the best person win :]

  • Missmam

    ooohhhh yea….can’t wait to try all the different wings but my favorite so far that I’ve had around is the sweet and spicy wings at Granites or the wings at K Bar!!!! YUM!!!