Thank You. <3


Just a quick “thank you”… 


Anyone who has paid attention to social media lately has likely seen the horrifying exchanges between online arseholes and other women in the industry, #gamersgate stuff, the finger-pointing of “Male journalists need to do more to change this twisted mindset!”, etc. I don’t think these issues should be ignored (I’ve been a subject of online harassment many times) and the message is so important, but nonetheless it *is* mentally and emotionally exhausting to continuously see it all over social media. 

To know I can come to my own little corner of the internet without facing the bullshit others currently are is so alleviating. So, I want to thank everyone who reads my blogs, interacts with my posts, watches my crazy videos, or just says hi, as 99.9% of the time I’m treated with nothing but respect and as a good friend. It’s so very much appreciated, especially after witnessing the struggles that others in my position are facing. 

Continue to be kind, y’all. And thank you. <3

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