You Forgot It’s Valentine’s Day? I Got You.

How many of you woke up this morning all, "SHIIIIIIT! I'm the worst boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/fuck buddy EVER because I forgot today is Valentine's Day!" That's right, kiddos! Today is the day you're supposed to make card, chocolate and flower companies across the globe LOTS of money. But never fear! I am here to make your life a little easier (and improve your chance of getting laid) by showing you several nerd-themed valentines. "However can we repay you, Britt?" You can think of me right as you're about to do the deed. But not in a creepy way. More like in a, "Thanks, Britt. I owe you." kind of way. Then forget about me and proceed with business.


IGN has a slew of hilarious valentines on their website. They also have a lil' app up that makes it easy to send via email, share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Below are some of my favorites. IGNcard8 IGNCard6 IGNCard4 IGNCard3

AMC - The Walking Dead

AMC has a few Walking Dead e-cards you can send that special someone. I mean, I personally find nothing more romantic than discussing zombie survival plans over a glass of whiskey, so I'd say these are a safe bet. <3. (Because everyone is like me, right?) WD4 WD3 WD2 WD1


You simply can't go wrong sending your valentine something that has the name "Poke" in it, if ya catch my drift. ::nudge-nudge:: (I'm so clever.)Pokemon3 Pokemon2 Pokemon7

Dat face.


Best. Valentine. Ever.


The Mary Sue still has a great selection up from last year. POrtal L4D


There are hundreds of Zelda valentines out there, but don't worry, I've already looked through 12% of them. Therefore you should only use the ones I found. I promise you they're the best.




Zelda Valentine

And finally...


And if none of the above are suitable for you, then all I can say is when you're sitting home alone tonight stuffing your face full of stale chocolate you'll regret not choosing one of the hand-picked Blonde Nerd approved valentines. As for me? I'm heading to Vegas. Nothing quite screams "ROMANTIC!" like stumbling your way past wedding chapels at 4:30 in the morning.

  • Well I do not have an in-person valentine’s this year, but these still made my day. If I did have a romantic partner, I would think “thanks Britt, I owe you” when she is fabulously impressed, then you float away and I kiss her.

    Have fun in Vegas and I found this to add to your collection

    • britt5091

      Daaaaaaaw! That’s a good one! 🙂

  • The creepy Ash one…CREEEEEPY.
    The Groose one…AHH! MY EYES!

    • britt5091