Yet ANOTHER Woman Cave Update

Seriously. I don’t know what to call these things anymore.

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  • LogomachyFreak
  • I’d be lying if i said that i didn’t guffaw out loud at the genesis comment

    • britt5091

      Thank you for not lying! 🙂

  • Title suggestions:
    Exploring Britt’s Cave

    Deep in Britt’s Cave

    What did Britt put in her cave now?

    Cleaning Britt’s Cave

    Hoarders: Video Game Edition
    Feel free to use any of them at no charge.

    • britt5091

      Bahahahaha. Thank you for the suggestions ;D

  • The Updates are always so adorkable ha ha I love them.
    o_O I’ll make a deal with you for that Letter opener Sword dealie, watchu want my first born, my last born,

    On the upside I still say you need some help building more shelves for your stuff-o-awesome

  • Boots_33

    Great vid!