Yet another woman cave update!

The floor: the biggest shelf in the entire room

A few weeks ago I mentioned  I was in the market for additional shelving for my woman cave because, well, I had sorta-kinda ran out of room. So instead of being logical and scaling back my purchases, I decided I needed to make more room for even more purchases. 

I know, I know. The amount of sense I make is staggering. 

I’m happy to report Operation: Find More Shelving was a success! 

For now, the smaller shelf is being used as an overflow for games I find at garage sales, Goodwill, etc. Once that runs out of room (because it will) I have a smaller DVD shelf in another corner I can use. The bigger shelf is being used for magazine overflow – I have this thing where I like to collect vintage game magazines and guides.

There's that damn empty Final Fantasy box...

 And now my woman cave has a nice, clean, visible floor!

Yeaaaah. All of those bags are games I’ve found at garage sales and/or at the Goodwill. I need to make videogame haul videos STAT so I can shelf them.

Why do I enable myself so?

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