Xbox One: Don’t Try This At Home

xbox one


A few days ago the world figured out how to unlock “Dev Mode” on the Xbox One. To do so, you need to enter a certain button combination BUT BUT BUT it is ill-advised and isn’t as cool as you would think. So, like, don’t do it. It could really fuck your shit up. But continuing on that note, there’s an image making the e-rounds depicting instructions that, well,¬†was rumored to make your Xbox One backwards compatible only after unlocking Dev Mode.

Xbox 360 Backwards Compt

Sounds cool, but the sad truth is that these instructions will do nothing more than turn your console into a VERY expensive paperweight. In short, your console will get caught in an infinite restart boost cycle. It is at that point, my friends, you better know the most efficient route to a dumpster.

So I shall re-iterate: don’t do it, and you might want to make sure some of your gullible¬†friends are aware, too.

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