Woman Cave Upgrade INCOMING!!!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I haven’t made any changes to my woman cave lately, so this is going to feel really good.


Here’s the sitch: As I’ve stated before, I have absolutely NO room in my woman cave for any more furniture (shelves, bookcases, etc.) and therefore the only place my latest loot (game mags, guides, games, random paraphernalia) can rest is on the floor of my beloved woman cave.

BUT! This problem will soon be alleviated for I have just realized I have some extra space after all!

…in the closet.

Yes, my woman cave has a closet full of other videogamey things (that I, once again, have no room for). HOWEVER, I recently got rid of a dresser that was in this closet (that was not full of videogamey things) and I’m thinking I can get another one of these shelves…

…in that now-empty space.


Let ze construction begin! >)

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