Woman Cave Update #3

The last time I posted pics of my woman cave it looked a little…bare. …hehe. #immature

So nekkid!

Because my crazy and hectic schedule was coming to a temporary slowdown, last Friday I vowed to spend the entire weekend vegging out. Seriously guys—if something required more effort than getting out of my chair and shuffling to the bathroom, I wasn’t gonna do it.

That was the plan, anyway.


SO much better!

Something is missing....

I need another cabinet!

I can FINALLY put this bad boy out on display!


Some of my magazine collection

I still have a LOT to do. I need to get the desk cleaned off, get my computer set up, build a few shelves, get a TV in there (although all gaming will be done in the living room—the woman cave just ain’t big enough!), etc, etc. But I’m very pleased with how it’s turning out!

My hope is that I’ll get everything finished this weekend. Eeeeee…

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