**CLOSED** Win Three Shirts From NeatoShop.com!


One of the many shirts you can find on NeatoShop!


Today myself and the fine folks from NeatoShop.com bring offerings of free garb! And by “free garb” I mean we’ve teamed up and are giving away three free t-shirts to you lovely oxygen breathers! (That totally sounds like a stab from Mass Effect or something. “YOU DIRTY OXYGEN BREATHER WAAH REAPERS AHHH DEATH!”)(…Right.)

NeatoShop seriously has one of the LARGEST selections of rad t-shirts I’ve ever seen. I’m for serious — ย you’re going to spend a good chunk of time perusing the options because there are SO many and all of them are SO full of pure concentrated badassery. (The one I’m wearing above is called The Princess is in Da Castle!)

Check out their massive design collection over yonder!

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  • Maniacs, simply because it’s awesome

  • Mike

    I need that Toon Arya shirt!!

  • nemes1s en4cer

    Super Dixon bros

  • Juliรกn Salinas

    Waka Waka Mada Facka!! lol

  • beau peterson

    “Herps the Derps” gotta get that one!

  • Ben Nesbitt

    These shirts are actually amazing.

  • Robby Gregg

    the kirby one hahaha

  • Janelle Peters Brown

    Three Worlds and One Hero!! Love it!! LOVE IT!!!!!!

  • Joe C

    You are what you eat!

  • Holly Wilson

    The Ministry of Silly Walks through Portals is my favourite! Great designs/mashups!

  • Apparently my comment didn’t take, so allow me to say “Don’t Touch That Pizza” as I’ve been on a huge TMNT kick of late.

    Also, shirts.

  • Melena

    That 72 Hours remain one is the best.

  • Jacob Adam Ferrar


  • RestoreJman

    I want to win one .3.

  • Timothy Beaty

    I like the new Leaf on the Wind
    Thanks for the contest!

  • Patrick Gaughan

    Toss up between Kirby and Pac Man

  • Jonathan Ledbetter

    I like the doctor who shirts they got.

  • Sarah Grace

    Weird… my 1st post never appeared. Once again my favorite shirt design was one called “DUCKS!”.

  • Derrick Krenke

    The Pac-Man, Kirby, and Zelda shirts are all pretty dang cool.

  • Devin Hudson

    I am in love with Princess Kenny.

  • Mike

    Woot T-SHIRTS!!

  • Emily Gadd

    All the doctor who ones!

  • Right now my favorite is the mad world song Joker shirt!

  • Carol Martin

    The “Blue Shell Academy”shirt for my nephew!!

  • heatherspeaks493

    It’s hard to choose…I pretty much gravitate towards anything “undead” related…

  • Ed Vezina

    “Mandalorian’s Creed” – A mashup of my 2 faves!

  • Kelly T.

    ‘Dogs have owners, cats have staff’ is my favorite t-shirt.

  • elcisitiak

    Anything Loki

  • So many choice omg. But I love the one that you’re wearing!

  • Louise Joseph

    Hello-o Friend is my favourite ๐Ÿ˜€ I loove the Portal turrets!!

  • Cheyne Lee

    LOVE ‘Herps the Derps’!

  • Sarah S

    Love the Pocket Flower shirt!

  • Eleonora Mulattieri

    All fantastic shirt, bt Waka Waka! is the best

  • Mario Minicucci

    Samus vs Mega

  • “Cast Cure” is absolutely rad!

  • Rachel Barnes

    Legend of Zombies

  • “Cast Cure” by Winter Artwork Illustration is absolutely rad!

  • Nick

    The Princess is in Da Castle

  • Missy Schutz

    I like the builder. Cool shirts:)

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    Anything Halo Related is always awesome, so I like the ‘Master Dick’ shirt XD

  • I enter every giveaway, I love these! Hopefully this one is my lucky one! <3

  • Lindsey R

    There are so many good shirts on that site! I think I’d have to go with “My Other Console is a Jag” though… because it is!:)

  • Lilithi

    Materia Girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  • luciana (โ”โˆต)โ”˜


  • Sophie Pantouffle

    I Believe shirt!

  • KC

    Awesome, I love these shirts! Thanks! You’re so cute in yours!

  • NeneCrostatina

    So many cute shirts *-*

  • Chris

    My favourite is No Way Out!

  • Brian Fletcher

    Paddle Faster, I hear banjos

  • Stephanie Komen

    My favorite design is the ‘you are what you eat’ by Aniforce. It’s really cute ๐Ÿ˜€