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Hero Forever

I need to learn how to iron.

Its’a time for a t-shirt giveaway! This week, courtesy of Fresh Brewed Tee, we’ll be giving away amazing garb to not one, not two, not four, but three winners! BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! (Y’know, I’ve always wanted to say that in a cheesy gameshow voice.)

The winners will be broken into three categories. This is a bit mind boggling, so bear with me, but the categories will be called FIRST PLACE, SECOND PLACE and THIRD PLACE. The First Place winner will receive three t-shirts, Second Place will receive two t-shirts and Third Place will receive one t-shirt. Unfortunately the shirt you see yours truly draped above in is no longer available, but amazing designs like “Hero Forever” are being offered AAAAAAALL the time. And because t-shirt designs circulate, you’ll win gift certificates that you can spend whenever you choose.

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  • Cody Deputy

    Good luck, everyone! And my favorite game to represent is the Legend of Zelda series. Ganondorf is my boy! 😀

  • Cameron David Lafavers

    I have a few game shirts, from Zelda, Call of Duty, Assassins Creed, and a few others! Of course the Zelda ones are my favorite! 😛

  • Joshua Lipp

    Zelda, Mario, Halo, Assassins Creed!! 😀

  • David Bankson

    Original Zelda is my favorite!

  • KibaCorgi

    Legend of Zelda!!!

  • Devin Hudson

    I actually don’t own any video game t-shirts, which is another reason wh I need to win this contest! I wouldn’t mind representing some Resident Evil though.

  • Shining Vivi

    Mass Effect!

  • The artwork on their tees is amazing! You see so much sloppy, mass-produced work these days, I love seeing great stuff like this instead.

    (I’m A LITTLE obsessed with Mass Effect right now, so I’d have to go with that, although there don’t seem to be any Mass Effect products in stock at the moment.)

  • Kyle Drapeau

    Gotta love the video game apparel. I just might have to check out their site/Facebook.

  • Stephen Kolar

    Idk exactly which one, because they are all so awesome. But the classics are the best; Mario, Zenda, Donkey Kong…. to many…

  • Jonathan Lopez

    A Devil May Cry X Bayonetta Crossover! A Resident Evil/Devil May Cry Shirt starring Leon and Dante! Assassin’s Creed x Mirror’s edge! Final Fantasy XIII! Legend of Zelda!

  • Sarah Whitlock

    Zelda, Fallout, Bioshock and sooo much more!

  • Jaimecjr86


  • Joshua Chafins

    Dragon Age and Call of duty

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    I’m happy with whatever Tee I might get! :3

  • azraelblack777

    I mostly have Zelda and Kingdom Hearts shirts…I’m currently wearing my Master Keyblade t-shirt (Keyblade in the place of the Master Sword with Navi flying around)

  • Philip Kocinski

    Tshirt wise minecraft, resident evil, and halo(RvB)

  • Daniela Gomez

    Zelda and mario brothers!

  • Holly Marie Walker

    DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!— it’s not really a game, but that’s my fave design category. lol Um… fave game designs would prolly be the Zelda ones.

  • Alicia Arsenault

    Mario Bros and Pac-Man and all the classics.

  • Julio Diaz

    Game-wise, I but more Mario-related shirts than anything else. My game tastes run vintage. 🙂

  • Kevin Cook

    Doesn’t matter what games I think are best represented, I never win, but that being said I always liked Legend of Zelda tees. Ghostbusters the Nintendo game tee and Elder Scrolls

  • Ben Nesbitt

    Dat Zelda shirt tho.

  • Smiley

    Anything Atari or NES

  • Joshua DeLung


  • Teresa

    Anything old school, or any of my favorites, like Bioshock or Silent Hill.

  • Mr. J

    now – mass effect

    then – sega dreamcast

  • luvforever

    Anything from my childhood-Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy III

  • Deidre Loiselle-Root

    Resident Evil, Legend of Zelda, Devil May Cry

  • Jonathan Ledbetter

    Legend of zelda and Final fantasy 7!

  • Michael Gonzales

    Probably Zelda but, i’d definitely rock some Last of Us gear.

  • Abraham

    I like the Deadpool 4th wall and Blue Shell Academy

  • Brian Fletcher

    Yay to Free stuff! And thingies! Stuff and thingies!

  • Sarah R.

    Mass Effect!

  • CeraTopz

    i love anything bioware on my boobies!

  • Richelle John

    Mass Effect…

  • Joy


  • kelseyr713


  • Bernie Monsanto

    I would have to say World of Warcraft since I have lots of shirts from that game

  • Marcela Catalan


  • Lee

    That’s tough. Toss up between Halo, Portal, and Minecraft.

  • Andrew

    Zelda, duh

  • dfsfsadf

    zelda for sure!

  • JD

    Fallout, but I would rock many games.

  • vdh360

    Resident Evil (4) and DMC.

  • zebron

    Mass Effect

  • Teresa

    I won the three shirts!!!! I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!! 😀