Win Awesome Nerd Gear by Insert Coin Clothing!!! **CLOSED**

**This contest is now closed! But do yourself a favor and check out anyway. Their products ROCK!!!**

***The winner will be announced on Monday, February 13th!***

I’ve sung my praises for Insert Coin Clothing and their unique, AWESOME selection of t-shirts and hoodies. (Well, more like I’ve written about them. You don’t want to hear me sing unless you wish for all glass windows and other paraphernalia within a twenty foot radius to shatter.) And now I want you to experience the epicness for yourself!

I’m working with Insert Coin Clothing to offer YOU a free t-shirt!

All you have to do is visit their website and let me know which t-shirt (or hoodie, if you’d like to apply the t-shirt moniez towards one!) you’d pick should you win the contest. I’ll select a random winner at the end of Friday and announce the winner on Monday, February 13th.


1)    Visit

2)    Ogle their wares

3)    Leave a comment below telling me which t-shirt or hoodie you’d choose if YOU win!

Now, ogle and comment away!

<3 Britt

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  • Donna Jenkins

    Golden Saucer. But, it was a really tough choice.

  • Ms. Brombacher, I have completed my ogling and would like to formally submit my entry. I choose you, Glowing Sigil shirt!

  • Ed

    Hey Britt,

    If I won I’d choose either


    I’m not too particular TBH but I do want to thank you for putting on this contest! 🙂

  • AM_3

    Hm…… AFTERLIFE GENTLEMAN’S CLUB, I choose you!

  • I would definitely go with the Klobb Submachine Gun shirt. GoldenEye FTW!

  • tnmchris

    I’d choose Space Dynamics, I’ll always love Lylat wars 🙂

  • I’d go with the Ryan Industries t-shirt! Or Calber’s Fine English Ketchup. Or Golden Saucer…it’s a hard choice!

    …Let’s say Ryan Industries.

  • Scott

    Most definitely the Red Shell Garage hoodie. Warmth, geekiness and cool!

  • Scott

    Ive been eyeing one of those AC hoodies for a while now.

  • Rob

    I love the Afterlife Gentlemans Club shirt, but I don’t look good in purple. The Kino Der Toten shirt is awesome and as much as I still play Black Ops Zombies, I believe advertising is in order. I wish it was available in hoodie form. The Zelda Fishing Tournament Green Hoodie is amazing, so I’ve got my eye on that too!

  • Michael

    Definitely would choose the TOLUCA LAKE TOURIST INFO shirt. Silent Hill 2 FTW!!

  • Maestro

    I’d show my love for Ezio with the sweet Monteriggioni Hoodie or showing my Zombie love with the Kino Der Toten tee.

  • I would absolutely buy the Pillar of Autumn shirt! Even if I don’t win, that thing looks cool!

  • Boots_33

    Wow, this is a cool giveaway!

    I’m gonna go with the Big Shell T-Shirt for my choice.

    Good luck, everyone! 🙂

  • Nuka Cola Quantum

    This site has a lot of great shirts. I will be buying several of them.

  • Frank

    Its close, with Idaho coming in a close second behind Big Shell. Love me some MGS2

  • Greg

    Wait…you have a sonic attack? Are you an X-Man?!!?

  • Chris

    Brit, you are awesome 😀
    The Moa Burger shirt is definatly my pick.

  • Brian Fletcher

    Klobb Submachine Gun Hoodie! Goldeneye is the bomb!

  • Iain MacLellan

    It has to be the assassins creed hoody!

  • Thomas Nord

    Definitely the Zelda Fishing Tournament hoodie! I mean, c’mon… It’s Zelda! Also, I’m in desperate need of a new hoodie. 😛

  • Mike Smith

    I’d choose the Torgue shirt.

  • Jordan Youngers

    Pillar of Autumn… I just had a nerdgasm.

  • Billy Ziegler

    Definitely going to go with Origami Sheet shirt from Heavy Rain. I’m probably going to pick that up even if I don’t win.

  • Josiah Mar

    Eggman Industries Tee Shirt just for the old sonic 😀 good times

  • cleeprevo

    Nuka Cola Quantum shirt. SO. MANY. GREAT. SHIRTS!

  • MaTT

    dead space Ishimura t-shirt. would pick the “Eggman Industries” one if you know he was called Dr. Robotnik instead but w.e

  • trueheart78

    I would totally choose the Eggman Industries hoodie (large size) 😀

  • Nick
  • I’d choose the Gamers’ Voice tee. I didn’t grow up on video games but love them as an adult…much to the dismay of may other adults because of the portrayal of gamers in the media. It makes a strong statement that I’d be proud to show off!

  • Michael Niesner

    Obviously the white MONTERIGGIONI hoodie!!!

  • I Love the AC Synchronized Black Hoodie* Pleeease Pick Meeee Britt*

  • Jim Tanner

    “Hog Wild Airlines” Because Nathan Drake is a Bad Mama Jama…..

  • I have ogled, and ogled and I believe I have found my choice. The Cervantes Shirt or the Nuka Cola shirt.

  • Definitely the Goldeneye Klobb shirt!

  • Jana

    Definitely the AC hoodie!

  • Chris

    Oh man I’m so torn over which to choose, there’s just sooo many awesome ones to pick from! But if I had to narrow it down, I’d go for either the Team Sonic t-shirt, or the black Monteriggioni hoodie 🙂

  • Frances

    Monteriggioni hoodie!

  • Brenton

    Black Monteriggioni for sure. Dead sexy.

  • Monteriggioni in Auditore grey, fitted M!

  • Seffan

    Inspired by Goldeneye (1997)

  • Donny

    Red shell garage hoodie!

  • Chase england

    Pillar of Autumn for me. If I’m wearing a nerd shirt I want it to be recognizeable, and my other two pics (Quantum and Torgue) were a little obscure.

  • Gil Morales

    Oooh…gotta have that ‘Red Shell Garage’ T! Brings back memories and will surely bring me some MK victory! Cheers!!!

  • MovieGuru83

    It would be an easy choice if the spirit of Idaho T-shirt was available as hoodie, since I don’t have a hoodie and always wanted one. So I can’t decide between the Spirit of Idaho t-shirt and Goldeneye hoodie.

  • Monteriggioni
    Inspired by AC: Brotherhood (2010)

    I love the flap on the top— BADASS!!!

  • vincent quintigliano

    Afterlife..mass effect. Must haz.

  • FarEastBeast


  • Vincent Quintigliano

    Must haz the Afterlife shirt..must haz mass effect swag.