**CLOSED** Win an KICKASS N7 Aluminum Water Bottle!

N7 Water Bottle

I’m not usually one to praise water bottles, but this one is worthy of praise. If I won this I would place it on my desk and LARP that I was in the Engineering Department because that would pretty much be the coolest thing to ever happen in my life.

Also, I would fill this bad boy with whiskey.

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  • Amy Gray

    Definitely some Krogan Liquor…the stuff that makes Shepard wake up in the bathroom 🙂

    • Amy Gray

      Ryncol, yeah that’s what it’s called. 🙂

  • JediCass

    Water, like the square I am.

  • roxanne

    :O So wanna have it ;P

  • Anita

    Why of course, like Tali,Turian brandy 🙂

  • Summer (@raidenalenko)

    Definitely not Ryncol…

  • Durant Rollins

    Definitely ryncol

  • Jonathan

    Oh man, that would be so awesome to have =O I’d put some Serrice Ice Brandy in that thing! Do Dr. Chakwas proud :’)


    Im going to drink my new japanese licour dextro, Keelah.

  • Robby Gregg

    rum & coke haha

  • Cheeko

    Want allll the bottles

  • Vish
  • Jamie G

    I’m gonna be boring and stick with water in mine. Never know when you’ll need to be sober enough to fight off some geth.

    • Miguel Vidal

      Heeeeey, what’s your problem with geth?
      It’s not like they’re those filthy asari…

  • Jake

    Boring-ass water, for boring people.

  • Greg Thomas

    Water or Juice is enough for me for now.

  • Matt Sommers

    Mountain Dew Baja Blast would go in mine… I’d steal a gallon from Taco Bell….

  • Water… What else goes in a water bottle?

  • Vodka

  • Kory Schulein

    I’m gonna say I’d put some nice fresh brewed tea in it.

  • Andrew

    Fingers crossed

  • Miguel Vidal

    Meh, I’d fill it with “queimada”, a local drink.

  • Scooter

    The finest Serrice Ice Brandy

  • Ryan

    I would put ALL the drinks in it!

  • Javay Pedrick

    Turian Brandy to drink with my hubby Garrus 😉

  • manofthoughts

    yes i would like a water bottle 🙂 never can have too many of them

  • Brandon Cudney

    Bring it to work and put what ever I have on hand in it

  • Scooter

    Use it to pour out a little of that brandy in memory of Dr. Chakwas.