**CLOSED** Win a Zombie Sonic T-Shirt!

sonic tee 1

Best. Design. Ever? OR BEST DESIGN EVARRRRRR?!!!

My broseph Mark is an AMAZING artist, and I’m stoked for him ‘cuz he recently launched an online store here and here! To celebrate his awesomeness, he sent me one of my FAVORITE designs of his — Zombie Sonic. Of course the shirt isn’t for me (SAD DAY), but, it is for one of you! The shirt is a men’s large, so if it’s a thing you want, enter in the Rafflecopter below, but not before checking out some of his other designs!


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  • Michael Beecham

    Zombie Sonic looks awesome and is my favorite.

  • guy

    lul. make it rain

  • Kyle Blair

    I think this shirt is the best so far.

  • Jesse Breland

    this does look really cool

  • Jordan Slocum

    I like the creeper but Zombie sonic is Bad Ass

  • Robby Gregg


  • NerfHerder

    Does Zombie Sonic still go fast?

    • MarkMorbidity

      Indeed it still does c:

  • Christina Pulver

    The sonic one of course 🙂

  • Michael

    This needs to be the next Sonic game!

    • MarkMorbidity

      I know right 😀

  • MarkMorbidity

    Thanks for the awesome comments gais c:
    I am working on Dr Eggman c: it’s almost done but it’s been on hold for a bit 😛

  • David Penzes

    Minecraft 🙂

  • Fuji

    this sonic tee

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    It’s simple, but I really enjoy that John 117 TEE!!!

  • Joshua Lipp

    Master Chief!! So much awesomeness!!

    • MarkMorbidity


      • Joshua Lipp

        Love your work Mark!!

        • MarkMorbidity

          Thank you Josh!

  • MarkMorbidity

    If you decide to purchase 2 items from my spreadshirt account make sure to use the code “FALL2013” to get free delivery c:

  • Janne Kalevi Mikkelainen

    Gonna have to say that that cupcake “HULK SMASH!” design is preeeetty beast. Wouldn’t mind showing that off at next year’s GenCon Indy.

    • Janne Kalevi Mikkelainen

      Also, I don’t really use Twitter…sooooo, I’ll try my hardest on every other blog post. :>

    • MarkMorbidity

      😀 let me know if you do decide to show it off! 😀

  • charlie

    Sweet t

  • Biff Exum

    This is an awesome shirt. My daughter will love it!

    • MarkMorbidity

      😀 Hope you win Biff 😀

  • Marc Clifford

    Zombie Sonic Awesome

  • Dan

    That is freaking cool!

  • Victoria Nienkirchen

    Zombie sonic or master chief!!

  • DieselBT

    This one is my fav! But if he made a shirt with a swarm of demon zombie Chao… THAT would be my fav.

    • MarkMorbidity

      Im working on all the characters in the series c: so no worries sir 😛

      • DieselBT

        Really? That is all sorts of awesome. Here’s a concept for ya: Zombie Amy Rose should have a Pico Pico hammer made of skulls. 😉

        • MarkMorbidity

          I’ll jot that down 😉

  • NerfHerder

    Even if I don’t win, I may still have to buy this!

  • stenger3775

    Zombie Sonic is the best, but the Halo Master Chief is nice.

  • Zach Auld

    Sweet I want it

  • skatermike21988

    I really like the zombie sonic but the master chief one would be a close second!

  • Citrus Chicana

    Zombie sonic

  • Jameson Shy

    Who won?

  • MarkMorbidity

    Attention!!! @Mikeswift21 form twitter won! 🙂