**CLOSED** Win A Zelda Box From Arcade Block!

arcade block

Hey, all of you awesome and rad people of the world. I’M TALKING TO YOU, BUTTERCUPS. Also I hope you’re okay if I call you “Buttercups” from now on. Think of it as a pet name and a sign of my undying love for you. <3

::Ahem:: Moving on…

The rad folks at Arcade Block are releasing a block that features several items from The Legend of Zelda. Which, y’know, is pretty awesome. Know what’s even better? They’ve given me a block to give to one of you! If you’re interested, enter the Rafflecopter below. This is a short turnaround, so if you’re going to enter, make sure you do it soon!


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  • juiceboxjones

    i would want the hookshot

  • Jonathan Ledbetter

    The Master sword for sure!

  • Randy Loudermilk

    I would probably want the Hylian Shield, or A replica Tri Force

  • The Master Sword!!

  • Link a dink


  • Andrew Croftcheck

    The hylian shield or the Master Sword.

  • Deidre Loiselle-Root

    Ocarina of Time!

  • Daniel Coyne

    Hookshot, to reach those hard to scratch areas…

  • Majora’s Mask is bad ass.

  • David Ball

    Gotta be the Master Sword!

  • Poolio

    The wooden sword, because it’s dangerous to go alone.

  • Will Castillo

    I always loved the boomerang. Simplicity

  • Kris Bertleff

    LooLook are never deceiving when it comes to Zelda.k are never deceiving when it comes to Zelda.

  • Wolvenelf

    The Clawshot would be awesome to have!!

  • Dennis James McCown

    A fairy of course. Even link always needed a partner. Team work always wins.

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    I would want the Fishing Rod, I could supply myself with food for multiple lifetimes!

  • Christopher Galloway

    the hookshot.

  • Thomas Cash

    If I could have one Zelda item IRL it would have to be the Zora mask from Majoras Mask.

  • Timothy McMahon

    I would have to say the Master Sword.

  • Jason

    I want the power gloves!

  • beau peterson

    Don’t really know what this is, but you said zelda so yes.

  • Michael Gonzales

    The master sword!

  • Nicole M

    I want the Master Sword!

  • calmond

    I would also choose the Master Sword!

  • Nicholas Devereux

    I’d take the Fighter’s Sword from A Link to a Past, because that will be the start of the greatest adventure!

  • Tokerov

    I’d have to say the Long Shot or the Fire Din.

  • Jink Muther

    Roc’s feather. Can’t classify it as a weapon. Can’t confiscate it. Also less chance of me decapitating myself accidentally.

  • blur

    The Zora Tunic from Ocarina of Time.

  • Guest

    The Fighter’s Sword! You have to start somewhere, right? 😉

  • The Fighter’s Sword! We all have to start somewhere, right? Why not at the beginning? 😉

  • Jake Coleman

    An ocarina! I’d love to sarenade someone with it!

  • Richelle John

    The fighters sword….

  • Luca Rago

    The Master Sword 😀

  • StandLoneCmplex

    Hylian Shield

  • Shweeeet. Call me super mega Buttercup.

  • Orionsangel

    Link’s hat

  • teknerd88

    The Hylian Shield

  • Joe C

    boomerang, so I could get stuff easy without having to leave the couch.

  • Tom Eldredge

    One item IRL? Hookshot. Then I don’t have to walk over and pick up the TV remote.

  • Azedo

    The ocarina!

  • Randall Stricklin

    Master sword!

  • Sarah Whitlock

    Hookshot. I would hookshot myself everywhere. Casually sitting on the couch, hookshot to the kitchen! Sitting at the computer, hookshot to the bathroom!

  • Tanna_banana

    Not sure what you mean by irl, but I would have to go with the spinner

    • britt5091

      “In real life” 🙂

      • Tanna_banana

        Riiiiiiiiight. Thank you!

  • Austin N Oliphant

    I would choose link’s Ocarina that way I could make it rian turn day to night and turn back the clock so I could play video game and watch anime and still have time have plenty of time to get my work done

  • Owen Renouf

    I wana win something for once!

  • Owen Renouf

    Oops I mean, I would like the skull hammer from windwaker. For all sorts of evil questionable fun

  • Jason

    I’d have to pick the Hookshot, lazy mans best friend! And the gamers ultimate go to grabber haha

  • Rachael Taulbee

    boomerang for sure. I’d love to stun people sometimes….

  • Craig Brouillard

    The silver arrow or in later games the light arrow

  • Sarah Grace

    For sure the “Hover Boots”. Dope gold trim and wing tips on the heel, make them fashionable and practical.

  • Kyle

    Fierce dietys mask

  • Mary Vantil

    A master sword for sure!

  • Justin

    Master Sword !

  • Jeanne Rousseau

    HAHA Hook Shot! For sure!

  • Ana Febo


  • bipple305

    Zelda, you can call me sexist for calling her an item but uummmmm I would have her so you would have to also call me a genius. MUAHAHHAHAHAH!

  • Cal Pal

    The Triforce.