**CLOSED** Win a Xbox 360 Download Code for Skyrim!


::bites lip:

…DAMMIT now I want to play Skyrim again. GAH! That game is like effin’ crack. I stray away from it for too long, and guaranteed it always comes back to tempt me; to wag it’s armor-clad ass all up in my grill. Sigh.

Kind soul Brent has an Xbox 360 code for the standard version of Skyrim. Granted, last I checked you can pick up the entire Legendary edition for less than $50, but hey, this is a free standard edition. So BOOM.

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  • StandLoneCmplex

    Ah, beloved Skyrim. I still need to finish two quest lines for my last Cheevos. Really lazy about disk swapping though.

  • Grayson

    After this week I’ll be done with school, for good. It’s time to catch up on some video games I didn’t buy in the past 2 years. First thing I’m gunna do? Kick ass and chew bubblegum.

  • tyler

    “What’s the FIRST thing you would do in Skyrim?”

  • Marcus Barnes

    First thing I would do? Not kill the family that saves my ass at the beginning of the game.

    Watched a friend play and he did that. Whole town wanted his head. Freaking hilarious

  • Meghan

    Kill Heimskr, of course!

  • John Steward

    First Thing…

    Arrow to the Knee Jokes
    Arrow to the Knee Jokes Everywhere..

  • Ahkren

    First thing would probably be to spend way too long making my character.

  • EthanIGN

    Arrow to the knee

  • Samuel ToRo

    Id find the attack button

  • Finn Oshea Piscopo

    Trick Shots

  • JP

    I’d love to be able to finally play this after I’m done with Finals next
    week. First thing I would do? Build a badass archer/mage.

  • Perry Rodriguez

    Cliff diving.

  • Kevin Wilson

    I would find my wench

  • Jonathan Ledbetter

    Skyrim is an awesome game! Would love to get it on xbox! Id get a 100 percent completion on the game! been wanting to play it for so long.

  • Daniel Coyne

    Hmm, I may still get the Legendary Edition soon, even if I got the Anthology for my computer.

  • Jameson Shy

    I really don’t know what I would do, I’ve never played this game, But I’ve always wanted to.

  • hsith

    I’ll climb one of the mountains with my horse.

  • Axel Gomez

    Never play the game, but I’m probably going to shot someone in the knee like everyone did.

  • Jameson Shy

    Has this person already claimed it?