Win a Sega Game Gear!

OHAI there!

Okay, before you get all excited about winning a Sega Game Gear, my friends, I gotta keep it real with you. This is a Sega Game Gear I found at a garage sale, and unfortunately it had been neglected for some time. But perhaps one of you want to take it in; take care of it and show it the life it never had. (Or, well, maybe it once had an awesome life untilΒ a fancier model came along. Then it was disregarded; thrown into a box never to be used again. Sad.)

Genesis eh

So, the first thing is that the unit itself is filthy. No big deal, that can be cleaned. The second is that while the sound works, it’s probably only at half of the loudness it once was. It’s still definitely audible, just kind of muffled. Now, the biggest issue with the Game Gear is the screen. You can’t really tell above, but I have the unit tilted at about 45 degrees, because if you look at the screen head-on…

Genesis meh

…this is what you see. I dunno WTF is up with the screen, but it’s fucked up. Again, Β you can tilt it and the game is visible. The brightness dial doesn’t fix this problem.

Another driving point is while the screen is visible while looking at the console from an angle, details aren’t super clear and it’s a bit difficult to see what’s happening. Then again I demoed this Game Gear with Sonic The Hedgehog 2, a very fast-paced side scroller. Maybe with a slower game it wouldn’t be as hindering. I’ll also throw in Sonic 2.

In a nutshell:

  • The Game Gear Works
  • The Game Gear has volume, although it’s a bit muffled
  • The screen can’t be looked at head-on
  • The tilted angle view isn’t very clear and makes it difficult to see WTF is happening at times

I mean, I was just going to throw it away but I figured someone would want it, if for nothing more than to put it on a shelf or try to fix it. And hey, you get a copy of Sonic 2! Soooo if you’re interested, enter below.

Update: OH HEY! This made me feel a little better. She also supplied a link directing us to a how-to guide. SHE’S THE BEST.

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  • AdrianHD

    I want it!!! I was a Genesis kid growing up and still have my games!!! πŸ˜€ never had a Game Gear either.

  • Max Firestorm

    I didn’t have a Game Gear when I was growing up… Had a Master System to start with (Had Sonic the Hedgehog built in, which remains one of my favourite 8-bit games even today) and we then eventually got the Mega Drive/Genesis when it came out…

  • Jack Rowe

    My Mom had a game gear when i was a kid. i loved playing Sonic on it all the time!

  • Matt Sommers

    Ahhhh I always wanted one of these bad boys but never got one growing up! My first handheld was a Gameboy Color.

  • ferrari20094

    I had a genesis but no game gear

  • Jonathan Lindberg


  • Chris Nicholson

    I never had a Game Gear growing up but my cousin did.. *Envy*

  • Scott Erckman

    I let a “friend” borrow mine with all of my games. Never saw the game gear or him again. Some friend

  • ihearttentacles

    I never had one as a kid but I bought one from a friend when I was a teenager.

  • Zachary Lawrence

    Never had a game gear but it plays sonic so i must have one

  • Belial

    I moved when I was 13 and my game gear didn’t come with me πŸ™ I never found out what happened to it

  • THE δΈ€η•ͺ CRUSH

    I always did want a Game Gear, especially when it had the TV tuner (obsolete now thanks to the death of analog antenna signal TV). Still plenty of goodies on it that haven’t popped up on 3DS.

  • John Miller

    Every old system needs a home.

  • Cody Deputy

    I would like one! i always did as a child!

  • Michael Steffenson

    A Sega, no matter what condition would leave any childhood geek speechless. I would nurture that beautiful thing back to functionality.

  • Miguel Vidal

    I’d like that, not for me, because I don’t really like Sega thingies, but for a friend that would make good use of it.

  • Tyler Berry

    I never had a Game Gear growing up unfortunately…always wanted one though!

  • Steven Hoffman

    Never had a game gear, I was a nintendo kid and hated the kids who constantly spouted sega does what nintendon’t!!!

  • Derrick Krenke

    Game Gears are cool. Already have one, but I would love to get something autographed by you to hang on my wall or something. πŸ˜‰

  • Rob J. Headley

    I started with Pong. Moved up to the hand held football game. Little blips moving side to side up field. Graduated to the Atari 2600, Colecovision. Moved on to girls and football, came back for the N64 and moved onward and upward to PS1 and have stuck with Sony ever since.

  • Digdugdad

    Love the sega game gear

  • Jameson Shy

    no. But I want one!

  • Hyrule Hero

    I had a game gear but no sega. Explain that one to people

    • Jacob Valles

      I never had game gear but I had TWO segas. Explain that one to people.

  • zachery smith

    Never had one but want one

  • Almostmyturn

    I had a gamegear. It was pretty cool.

  • Jonathan Ledbetter

    I used to love playing sonic on the gamegear as a kid

  • Randy

    When I was young, I dreamt the house was on fire and I had to save my game gear!

  • Lyonsmew

    Never owned a Gamegear, always wanted one though

    The Sega nerd in me is DYING for this <3

  • John

    I did not have a game gear but I wanted one.

  • Derrick Krenke

    Yay I won! πŸ˜€