**CLOSED** Win a N7 T-Shirt!

And the N7 Day festivities continue! Next up for grabs is a men’s Large N7 Armour Stripe Tee! (Ladies, you can totally rock this too!)

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  • hours of fun and fantasy

  • Robby Gregg

    Awesome fun

  • Summer (@raidenalenko)

    Bravery, loyalty and excitement! And the odd hangover after a night at the Citadel.

  • Scooter

    Protectors of the galaxy

  • Protecting and honoring those who can’t defend themselves.

  • kohyuta

    N7 = Chewing gum and kicking ass, and being all out of chewing gum.

  • hsith

    A date to remember Commander Sheppard and what he did for the galaxy.

  • txpackman

    it means greatness

  • Raúl Chávez Ibarra

    Commitment, sacrifice and heroism

  • Jonathan

    N7 is all about being as best as you can be, dedicating all your skill to saving as many lives as possible

  • Ryan

    N7 means protecting those around you at all costs!

  • Sugar Shock Studio

    Kicking ass across the galaxy and looking FemShep foxy while doing it!

  • Rotmm

    I used to live in N7 in London and regularly had sex with alien comrades. I never got the t-shirt though and would like to rectify that situation now. The fate of the universe depends on it!

  • Ron Walburn Jr

    to me n7 means… i dunno.

  • Tyler Anthony

    Protecting and honoring what Sheppard did.

  • Roger Dodger

    N7 means saving the fucking universe, bro.

  • Chris Johnson

    Mass Effect had a huge impact on me, which is rare for a game to achieve. Very few have such scope and potential.

  • Jake

    N7 is about being the best of the best of the best. Like no one ever was.

  • stevoarome

    I will the N7 with pride

  • Anita

    To me N7 simply means badass soldiers who protect the galaxy at all costs, like Shepard.

  • Amy Gray

    N7 brings back memories of an awesome game series! Never thought I would care so much about fictional people! 🙂

  • Jamie G

    N7 basically means amazing.

  • Brandon Cudney

    Great times play a great series!

  • Greg Thomas

    Means the Alliance Navy to me.

  • Rowan

    The best gamer series I’ve ever played

  • Matt Sommers

    I love me some ME!

  • Aleckz


  • Michael Keegan

    Mass Effect is the best series, evah! N74L!

  • Michael

    The gathering you see below me is what N7 means.

  • thatS1yfox

    N7 means being a galactical team plYsr and not being a racist like Ashley 😛

  • Durant

    Favorite game series