**CLOSED** Win a N7 Armour Stripe Hoody!

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the last prize of the evening — a N7 Armour Stripe Hoody! This is a men’s XL, but ladies, you can totally rock this too! (For the record, the inside of this thing is insanely fuzzy and I kind of want to keep it. BUT I’M NOT GOING TO BE SELFISH.)

GOOD LUCK! And a HUUUUUGE thank you to BioWare for supplying all of the amazing prizes, and to all of you who have participated! You have truly made this day awesome. Thank you! <3 <3 <3

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  • JD Blosser

    lol, that is the great thing about items like this, if people know what it is they would instantly talk to you and everyone else just thinks it is a normal item.

  • Jamie G

    I love these sweatshirts so much. And even better when someone who knows what it is stops you to compliment!

  • CeraTopz

    commenting on all the things! I need this to fulfill my Garrus/ femShep dreams. I will wear this, and my husband will be painted blue and read me poetry. or something.

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Dude, if I could give away prizes based on best comments you would have won the majority of ’em! HAHA!

      • CeraTopz

        hahaha YES. think about Garrus poetry with a little scarf the next time you’re eating wings. I think it would be killer.

  • elreyny617

    Gotta love the hoody!

  • trueheart78

    Ok, this is just my style – big hoodie fan 🙂

  • Jacob

    So cool and right in time cause it’s starting to get chilly here xD

  • Battousen

    I want this one so much

  • HeatherTaylorStanley

    Ahh looks lovely and cosy 🙂

  • Cameron Lafavers

    I haven’t play Mass Effect in a long ass time haha, but I played quite a bit today in between classes!

  • hsith

    Mmm, i’m looking for a new hoodie :).This looks awesome.

  • NPC Dakota

    rock on blond nerd. thank you for not tweeting every 7 seconds about playing next gen until your eyes bleed like the rest of the too-cool for nondies media crowd!



  • Vish

    This is badass. I foresee many jealous looks at whoever gets this.

  • Kristen♔KCCO

    That hoodie looks amazingly comfy.

  • @CronoTime

    I played the Citadel DLC today..and cried at the end..happy N7 day everyone

  • Kyle Drapeau

    That looks rad! I’d sport that baby all day!

  • Liana’Zorah Vas Normandy

    I want this so bad!!! Add to my ME collection! ♥

  • Landis1255

    I wear hoodies all during winter – would LOVE one that doesn’t look lame. Fingers crossed!

  • Ron Walburn Jr


  • Michael

    This hoodie looks so badass, great way to end the giveaway! Oh and I like hoodies, see my profile pic lol

  • Lu1s H3RN4ND3Z

    Awesome contests you did today Blonde nerd 🙂

  • Roger Dodger

    Best. Day. Ever. Thanks, Britt.

  • aborring

    I’ve always wanted one of these! Happy N7 Day!!

  • Scooter

    Keelah Se’lai!

  • Jonathan Lindberg

    YES, It’s a zip-up!

  • Brandon Cudney

    Looks great! love N7 and this made it better!

  • beau peterson

    HOLY SHEEBA – I thought this was the item you were going to keep

  • Tim

    Sweet hoodie…and love your sense of humor.

  • Ryan

    N7 is the new North Face.

  • Rob Hestar


  • Rowan

    I’m so happy. I finally got a Black Widow that I’m not even sad I haven’t won anything here.

  • Benedetto Rago

    This is so cool!

  • Andrew Croftcheck

    Driving the Mako could kind of feel like snowboarding at times…

  • Rach

    I would be the most best wife ever if I won this. I would get away with all kinds of TV/game hogging if I had this to give him.

  • Luca Rago

    Such nice contests

  • Victoriya Chistyakova

    You are my role model 😀

  • Lucky

    N7 forever!

  • Caitlin Ryan

    Amazing hoody.

  • Tidus


  • Chris

    Really excited to see the next Mass Effect

  • seankirkland

    Yea sure, why not – it’s a rad hoodie!

  • John

    I want this, like really really really bad….

  • PowerlessTurtle

    Celebrate N7 Day

  • LauraLoL58

    Commander Shepard #NeverForget

    • AriesCZ


  • Jake

    Let’s be honest, Turians are the best alien species.

  • Banky Edwards

    Winter is coming and I have no tolerance for cold! I’d love this! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Øyvind Herstad

    This is so cool 😀

  • Kelsey

    I totally want to win this! Sitting at home freezing right now.

  • AriesCZ

    I was just thinking about getting a new hoodie to go with my N7 shirt…

  • Lonely Controller

    That is a great looking hoodie

  • Vladimir Ljubetic

    I always wear my N7 snowboard gear when I do my 1080°

  • Jonathan Schultz

    I want one!

  • Kory Schulein

    Awesome contests today. Thanks, Britt

  • Derrick Daarud

    Hello from Blizzcon! Love the hoodie. Good luck everybody!