Win A Custom Bow by Zombie Jester!!! **WINNER!**

Update: A WINNER — WE HAZ ONE!!!!

Congrats, Cammy! Shoot me an email to Britt[at] and we’ll get you hooked up!

If you didn’t win, make sure you do ya’self a favor and purchase something from Zombie Jester! I just received a Hylian Shield bow in the mail the other day and UMMMM it’s pretty much the best thing ever. For serious. I’m gonna rock it so hard.


**Original post

HEY. YOU. Yeah, you, the one with the male genitalia. Don’t run away just yet. You can win a bow for your lady friend, wife, that girl you’re just, uh, seeing on the side…or, hell, you can win it for yourself! Who says men can’t wear bows?!!!


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Zombie Jester — a 22-year-old female that kicks a lot of ass. You see, she runs Zombie Jester Creations, an Etsy shop that specializes in unique, handmade nerdy/geeky/amazing bows. Below are a few of her designs:  


And if you’re not already convinced Zombie Jester is a complete badass, she made this CUSTOM, one-of-a-kind bow to give away to those who frequent AND League of Hot Geeks! Check it!

You lucky bastards. I can’t win the bow because I’m hosting the contest. YOU ALL SUCK.

To enter, visit her Etsy shop and leave a comment below! Let us know what you think of her designs, what your favorite bow is (besides the NES bow, that is!) and tell us how amazing she is.

I’ll close the contest on Friday! (And if you know of any geeky/nerdy ladies that would enjoy these, make sure to spread the word!)

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