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Liara Flash Drive

I have mad respect for Liara. She’s a tough broad and even though things became awkward between us (I almost romanced her once or twice. I DIDN’T MEAN TO. My Shepard was just a bitΒ too flirtatious for her own good) we still were able to kick mucho ass.

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  • CeraTopz

    I would have romanced Liara, but I just couldn’t resist the thorax of that sexy Garrus man πŸ˜‰

  • wangulator

    Yes. Of course I did. By the Goddess.

  • Rowan

    No way I could romance Liara when Kaidan was available.

  • Ron Walburn Jr

    nop, my shepard was a bachelor!

  • Brianna Carringer

    Yeah, otherwise Ashley would have been my choice

  • beau peterson

    I don’t know Liara. I like the usb though πŸ™‚

  • Kelsey Benoit

    I think she was the best romance and loves Shepard regardless of the LI. Plus she’s just so awkward I love it.

  • Adam

    I almost did in the first game, but Ashley wasn’t interested in a threesome.

  • Sig

    of course. because she is cool.

  • Polerand

    Of course! I had yo know what it was like. For science.

  • Rach

    Theses USB sticks are amazing

  • Scooter

    Absolutely. I kissed an Asari and I liked it.

  • Dealing With It

    I positively did not. I play lawful good and tend to avoid choices like that.

  • Anita

    I had to romance every character during my many playthroughs, ofc I romanced her as well πŸ™‚

  • David Penzes

    Daaamn… I want to win something from Mass Effect universe πŸ™

  • Brian Merkel

    I romanced her in the first Mass Effect but not in 2 or 3 because I romanced Miranda.

  • Miguel Vidal

    I was with Liara in 1, but ONLY because Tali was unavaliable back then…

  • Dave Allgeier

    I have yeah. Was a great romance subplot!

  • Jake

    Oh yes. It started on the second playthrough I ever did, trying things out and whatnot. It just worked so I kept with it.

  • El Kyle-O

    Only until it finally let me be with Tali.

  • megan

    Duh! Why wouldn’t you?

  • Greg Allen

    I would marry Liara

  • Aww yes my space waifu haha!

    • Also I haven’t romanced her yet…because GARRUS. Accidentally chose her once in the comic before ME2 though haha.

  • Luca Rago

    Yes I did!

  • Landis1255

    Started with ME2 so no Liara romance.

  • Kellan Corazzin

    In my renegade play through.

  • hammrock

    Romanced her the first time… and every other time.

  • b12arr0

    Love these USB sticks

  • Ryan

    Who didn’t romance her? She’s gawwwwjus.