Why Mario Leaves Yoshi Outside of Bowser’s Castle


(Tell me I’m not the only one who got super duper warm ‘n fuzzies upon hearing the opening Mario jingle!)

This brings up a good point; why ISN’T Yoshi allowed in the castles? Growing up I always thought it was because the castles weren’t suited for Yoshi and would be impossible to beat with him, but now I’m wondering if Yoshi was prevented from going in as an attempt to raise the difficulty. I mean, it wouldn’t be a challenging castle if you brought Mister Blue Yoshi with you. FLYING FOR DAYS. What do you think? I’m sure there are entire threads dedicated to this topic floating around.

Sooo this is totally random and completely unrelated to this post, but I’m thinking about downloading Outlast because A) It looks scary as fucktits and B) I need a good horror game. I think the last one I played was Dead Space 3, but that was played c0-op so the shit-panting factor was dramatically reduced.

If you’ve played Outlast, let me know! It’ll probably take forever to download thanks to the oh-so-lovely service of Comcast, so it’s kind of a time investment so I need to make sure it’s worth it. ;D

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