What YOU Thought About Sony’s Conference


While I’m still digesting my thoughts about Sony’s looooong-ass press conference, I thought I’d share what a lot of you had to say about last night’s PS4 reveal. Naturally every opinion was different, but some were vast — some of you gave it a 4, others gave it a 9 or 10. Not too surprising seeing as every gamer has their own sweet spot that needs to be tickled for high scorage, but hey, it’s still interesting to read your opinions.


Sony Thoughts 3 Sony Thoughts 2 Sony Thoughts 1

I agree that the conference drug out a little too long (did we really need every presenter to tell us how ground-breaking and innovative the PS4 is?) but there were definitely some exciting stuff that got me a little hot under the collar. While I suppose we can’t really expect a leap in graphical capabilities, we should expect some innovative new ways to interact with our console and with fellow gamers, and I feel like what Sony unveiled last night appeased that expectation. There’s a lot more to be revealed in the upcoming weeks and months (like, um, the actual console) so, personally, I expect to be salivating for PS4 news for quite some time.

What did you think of Sony’s conference?

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