We’re All Yoshi Ditchers; We’re All Bastards

I don’t care how many “Yoshi Ditch” videos, comics or jokes I see. They. Never. Get. Old.

Do you have many ‘a memory of ditching Yoshi back in the day? I do. And I never thought twice about it until I started seeing these spinoffs. Does that make me a cold-hearted bitch? 

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  • Jon Murray

    Omg that’s hilarious. The funny thing is, on the new Mario wii and wii u, Yoshi actually waves goodbye if you grab the flag pole while still riding him.

    • britt5091

      No shit? Maybe I just don’t remember seeing that. Funny!

  • Abraham

    This probably explains why Yoshi is in the Super Smash Bros series.

    Mario: Yoshi? Why are you a-here?

    Yoshi: Yoshi! (You don’t remember Super Mario World, you S.O.B?)

    Announcer: FIGHT!

    • britt5091

      HAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA never thought of that. 😉