Want something from Insert Coin Tees? OF COURSE YOU DO. **CLOSED**

Update: WE HAZ A WINNER!!!!



Congrats, Luis! Shoot me an email and we’ll get you hooked up!!!

***Original post***

THAT’S RIGHT! We’re giving some free shit away!

(Okay, maybe I was just desperate to use the latest NASA gif. Don’t judge me.)

Ahem. So as I was saying — it’s that time again! Time to give you some free shit. And we all know you love free shit.

League of Hot Geeks and I are working with Insert Coin Tees to give away a…

This voucher will get you any t-shirt on the site and can be put towards a hoodie of your choice! Or, you could hold onto it until the end of September and apply it towards Insert Coin’s new, official, Capcom-approved Resident Evil 6 lineup! (Check it out, I CAN’T WAIT!)

To enter, leave me a comment below! The comment can consist of whatever the hell you want it to. Seriously, surprise me.

We’ll close the contest on Monday, so make sure you get your entry in soon!

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