Want me to butcher your online persona?

Hey guys! 

Tomorrow my fellow podcast homies and I will be recording episode 100 of our videogame podcast, the n00bketeers. EPISODE ONE-FREAKIN-HUNDRED. Where oh where has the time gone… 

A podcast tradition of ours is to create a classy Microsoft Paint portrait of people who submit their first piece of listener mail to us. Think of it as a “THANK YOU KIND SOUL FOR SUBMITTING A QUESTION FOR OUR PODCAST!” Now, there’s a slight catch – the portrait is based off of the person’s user name. 





Dr Gonzo


I have yet to create a Microsoft Paint portrait – usually Beez or Jason handles that. But for episode 100 I’ve been designated the portrait creator. Yes, this means I will be the butcher-er of any and all portraits that need to be drawn. But this time around it doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve already had a prior portrait created…any and ALL submissions will be entered for a chance to…sigh…have a portrait drawn by yours truly. I *think* we’re going to select five random users. 

So, I’ll ask again: do you want your online persona butchered? If so, you can either send a question to n00bketeers@gmail.com OR leave a comment below with your question. 

In the meantime, I’m going to practice drawing circles and such.

(Check out our Listener Hall of Fame for more portraits!)

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