Sure, it’s not the most professional title I’ve ever written but AT LEAST YOU CAN SENSE MY EXCITEMENT.

At first I was all confused-like and thought 400 Days was the actual sequel to the first season, but after doing my journalistic research *pumps chest out* I, erm, learned I was totally wrong and that 400 days is the first piece of DLC for Season One. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is totally fine with me.

From the sound of it, we’ll meet five all-new characters in 400 Days and will follow their shenanigns for the first, well, four hundred days of the zombie apocalypse. It will run concurrently with the events of Season One, and the choices made during Season One will have an impact on the events that occur during 400 Days. And this is exciting — actions taken during 400 Days will affect Season Two! Squeeeee.

PSN has the episode available now for download , while PC will receive it on Thursday and Xbox 360 will see the goodness on Friday. (BOO!)

So uh yeah. I’m SO EXCITEDDDDDD AND I JUST CAN’T HIDE ITTTTTT~ I’m most looking forward to seeing the consequences of the decisions I made in Season One. Love love love story integration.

ARE YOU AS EXCITE AS I AM? Friday can’t come soon enough!

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