Videogame Haul #7!

More goodies from the past weekend! Unfortunately the goodies turned out to be effin’ disgusting.

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  • (hands you a bunch of Clorox wipes.) You’re gonna need these. lol

    • Britt

      LOL. Thanks Michelle 😉

  • Andrew

    that black piece towards the end that you said you didnt know what it was. it looked like a mouth piece cover for a saxophone…gross

    • Britt

      …I hope to God you’re joking.

      • Alex

        nope, andrew’s right, clarinets or saxophones, enjoy!

  • Boots_33

    I guess one can’t question your dedication to the hobby, but you may want to invest in some rubber gloves or something… maybe bring some with you and check the boxes before you get them home. Yeah, that might be a good idea.

    • Britt

      Y U HAVE LOGIC?!

  • Mike Seils

    I know you play more modern games, but don’t let Kid Chameleon sit for too long!