Video Game Controller Christmas Ornaments


I mean, come on. You couldn’t have expected anything else from yours truly this holiday season.


I ordered these from ThinkGeek and…HOLY SHIT they’re now 60% OFF! ;_______; I paid 20 bucks for these suckers, and they’re now on sale for eight. FINE. I SEE HOW YOU WORK THINKGEEK. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Ahem. I’ll just shove my feelings of butthurt in the corner and continue on. I’m very impressed with how durable and well made these ornaments are — I was half-expecting light, flimsy plastic dingledongs (whatever a dingledong is) but to my surprise each controller is made with Resin and is legit enough be used as a weapon against a hobbit or something.

In short, they’re beautiful.

Do you have any video game holiday swag around your abode? 


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  • Roger Dodger

    Dammit. It’s either these or a Krampus… I’m so conflicted.

  • Nathan David Dugas

    If ThinkGeek wasn’t such a pain in the donkey about shipping to Alaska, I’d probably get those, too.

  • Deidre Loiselle-Root

    Happy Nerdy Christmas~ looks AWESOME 😀

  • Sean James McKenzie

    Yep, just bought a bunch of these. Nice find!