Ubisoft’s The Fighter Within

Usually I’d write off something like The Fighter, not because I have something against Ubisoft or anything like that, but because, well, let’s face it — prior “interactive” fighting games have been…eeeeeeeh. Let’s just say the technology hasn’t been able to, uh, keep up. Yeah. That’s a nice way to put it.

So, maybe it’s all of this Gamescom/next-gen console hype, but I’m quite curious to see how capable the Xbox One’s Kinect truly is. Of course Ubisoft says The Fighter “delivers the long awaited motion fighting promise, allowing players to throw punches and kicks in the most immersive competitive brawling experience,” and that it will have “1 to 1 precision movement tracking” for all things fighting and such.

Let’s say Ubisoft nails this one, and it’s truly one-to-one precision. Would you give a game like this a shot? Or are you not all about the whole “moving while gaming” thing? I think it could be interesting to try, even if it’s just for the sake of quenching my curiosity. Hell, if it works that good and, like, a Dragon Ball Z game comes out for Kinect I can honestly see myself kamehameha’ing all over my living room. I WILL GO SUPER SAIYAN FOR DAYS.

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