THIEF: Out of the Shadows Trailer

So, this THIEF game is causing quite a number of your guys’ panties to twist in a tight, pleasurable bundle, isn’t it? I haven’t played any of the THIEF games (a crime I’ve been ridiculed for many ‘a time) but from what I’ve heard the THIEF games are all about being a camouflaged stealthy squirrel — which is great, unless if you’re like me and have intense heart palpitations every time you try to act like aforementioned camouflaged stealthy squirrel in video games. Seriously, you should have seen me in Dishonored. And in Tomb Raider. Hell, there was a brief, albeit optional, sneaking segment in Bioshock Infinite that caused my blood to, like, gyrate.

I’d like for you guys to tell me what’s so awesome about THIEF and why (or why not) you’re excited for this reboot. Like, what does Eidos Montreal have to do to absolutely nail it? LEARN ME.

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