ghetto xbox


WOW. I mean, like, yeah. Wow. I’ve had to do some jerry-rigging in the past, but nothing like this. But hey, whatever works.

Thanks, reddit!

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  • Robby Gregg


    • britt5091

      It is pretty awesome. Imagine that laying on your living room floor every night…HA!

      • Robby Gregg

        that doesn’t sound as awesome also like the random n64 controller on the left side of the xbox haha

  • Anthony Curry II

    Lmao what in the world is going on over there? Hahaha

    • britt5091

      RIGHT?! I was trying to figure that out myself!

  • Brett Kozup

    Still nothing compared to the days where we all had our own fixes for cartridges.
    Smack it 3 times on your lap, 2 drops of alcohol on a q tip and then run along the side twice. Then smack your NES as hard as you can, while blowing into it with compressed air.

    • britt5091

      HAHA. True that. Yeah, there was quite a list we all had. And we swooooooooore they all worked.