The Walking Dead Videogame. Your thoughts?

More details about Telltale’s upcoming The Walking Dead videogame have trickled through. And by details, I mean extremely-minute-practically-nonexistent details.

From the sound of it,  Telltale games will be creating a brand spakin’ new storyline featuring two new characters. The characters, a seven-year-old girl named Clementine and a prisoner named Lee Everett, will have to work together to escape and survive the zombies swarming Atlanta.

Telltale has said that new duo will cross paths with famed characters from the comic.

Now, I’m not a Walking Dead guru or anything like that (I’ve read the compendium and a few trades after that) but the more I hear about this game, the more I’m warming up to the idea. I’m pleased the game won’t follow existing characters and/or storylines from the comic (which really could only lead to disappointment. Did you SEE the television show?!) and if I recall correctly, Robert Kirkman is working close with Telltale. This multiplatform, episodic beast is slated for a Q4 release (October-December), so my guess is it won’t too long before we hear more. 

Are you looking forward to this game? Hesitant? So excited you can’t see straight?!

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