The Return of the Races in DA: Inquisition

Ah, great news, great news indeed.

Game Informer has been spewin’ out some serious Dragon Age: Inquisition knowledge during their one month preview extravaganza awesomeness, and while you can bet your ass I’m staying up-to-date and stalking every single news article the moment they’re released for public consumption, I’m a bit behind on reporting it here. But that’s okay — all I ever really do during Dragon Age: Inquisition posts is squirt my fangirlisms all over you digital face. Also, that’s disgusting.

But seriously, I’m very pleased BioWare was able to implement different races in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve always been a human kinda player, but I know several of you out there (not to mention the millions of you I don’t even, like, know) are so so SO passionate about having the option of racial selection — there is a LOT of truth re: Dwarven players’ passion — ¬†and it really adds something ,even for lame-o human players like myself. (I kid! Humans that play as humans are awesome!) Simply having the option to choose a different race other than what I picked¬†makes me feel as if I’m playing through a one-of-a-kind story. There’s something warm ‘n fuzzy inducing about knowing that if I decided to play as an elf I would experience slightly altered narrative throughout the game.

Good shit.

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