A Link to the Past Log #1: We meet again.

I started this THING called The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past a few weeks ago, but I haven’t made the log yet SO I figure as I sit here, chillin’ in my Los Angeles hotel waiting for the pre-Nintendo E3 conference to stream I might as well bite the bullet and git-r-done!  I used to play LttP ALL the time when I was younger – like seven or eight — but I never finished it. I think I got too caught up in the in-game-larping aspect. But I remember having SO much fun and hell, I hate that I can’t say I never completed one of the most renowned videogames of all time, so I figured it was time to start it back up again even if it is 17 years later!

I’ve made good progress so far – or at least I think I have…I feel like this game plays at a pretty fast pace so I don’t know if I’m just rushing through it, or if I’m missing stuff to do, or what. I just collected the third pendant and nabbed The Master Sword, and I feel like I haven’t spent more than a few hours playing!

Other than that, there isn’t much to say, other than that I’m excited to finally buckle and down and finish this awesomeness. The story is very simple and straightforward therefore I can’t elaborate on that aspect (unlike Mass Effect 3! HNNGGGHHH) so, I mean, I could tell you all about my Cucco slaughtering and whatnot, but who wants to hear about that? 😉

…Yeah, I know you do, you evil bastard.

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