Spoilers suck. If I could abolish three things from this world of ours, disease, terrorism and motherfuckin’ spoilers would be the first to go.

I don’t handle being exposed to spoilers well, especially video game spoilers. In fact, I tend to throw a little fit when I’m unwillingly exposed to something I wanted to find out for myself. And by something, I mean a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. I don’t want to know which characters are joining my party, I don’t want to know their names, I don’t want to know the places I’ll be visiting, I don’t want to know the enemies or the bosses until I experience it for myself. And for the love of God and all that is holy, don’t tell reveal ANYTHING about the storyline. If you accidentally (it better be accidental) spoil a HUGE plot twist I was working towards, I will probably punch you in the face. And if you purposely spoil something, I will kick you in the nuts (or uterus).

I may be a bit overboard and radical, but I am a very story-driven gamer. I play video games for the story and for the characters that make the story. Knowing what lies ahead of me won’t necessarily ruin a game; but when I eventually across that moment myself, I won’t be floored by the revelation. The spoiler will greatly, if not completely, lessen the shock factor.

Let me use a prime example of how a well-known spoiler has been detrimental to my experience with a game. For you those of you that have been living under a rock you best turn back now, because I’m about to spoil a huge plot point of Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy VII is regarded as one of the most memorable games of all time. Why? Honestly, I couldn’t tell you, as I’ve never made it past the second disc. My reasoning for not venturing far is simple, but flawed: In my mind, I think I know what makes this game so memorable. I, like everyone else, know that Aeris croaks. Dies. She kicks the bucket, and while she’s at it, she buys the farm.

Knowing Aeris will eventually become worm fodder muddles my will to play Final Fantasy VII; I’m both curious yet reluctant. Part of me wants to see this infamous dying scene in context, but part another part would rather play a game I know nothing about so I can get that raw experience.

My question to you:

What do you consider to be a spoiler? Do you prefer to know what’s going to happen before you experience it? Was a game ever spoiled for you?

Oh, and please, NO SPOILERS in your response.


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