So I succumbed to WoW again.


I had *JUST* been talking about how I was going to try to stay away from WoW in The Ninjaverse Podcast (give the episode a listen — we had a lot of fun!) but unfortunately I think all it did was fuel my fire for more WoW. Hngh. It also doesn’t help that I can co-op side-by-side with my friend. Nope. That actually makes things, like, a lot worse because I’ve discovered questing with someone when they’re right next to use is a lot more fun and THUS a lot more addicting.

This. Always. Happens. I don’t know what it is about this damn game, but it freakin’ haunts me and haunts me until I succumb to it’s addictiveness. Anyway, if you feel like losing your life as well feel free to add me. I’m on Khaz Modan and my charrie’s name is…um…Armgartatrot? Yeah. I think that’s it.


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  • I think I really want to make a Panda Death Knight… (*MUST NOT CLICK INSTALL!*)

    • britt5091

      DON’T DO IT. It hooked me and it will hook you. GYAH!

      • Too late. Just installed and bought a game time card. Looks like I’m starting a Worgen :p

        • My name is Kariharry if anyone wants to add me, drain our lives together, form a guild lol

  • Boots_33

    Next up: Dragon Age: Origins

    • britt5091

      NO! NEVER! NO…no…yes…yeah, you’re right.

  • I’ve been playing on and off for 8 years. Welcome back!

    Shaman 4 Life!

  • Josiah

    I added you XD, names Talraes 😀

  • I’ve managed to overcome the WoW addiction over the past year. But I still have the annual pass til oct…. I do occasionally log in but nobody I know plays anymore so it makes it very easy to keep play time minimal haha.

  • dmann

    I am 2 years clean on WoW. So it can be done.

  • added you, characters name is Baelore. Playing a Worgen Warrior. let the mutual draining of lives begin!