So I bought WoW cards…

And I really can’t give you a reason as to why.

Maybe it was because I wanted to relive nostalgia from the days of anxiously opening Pokémon packs. Or maybe it was because I was feeling extra nerdy. Whatever the case, I am now the proud owner of 15 cards and I have no idea what to do with them. Like, for all I know I could have the Charizard of WoW in here.

The cards DO look enticing, though. It makes me want to play with them. But, y’know, there’s that problem of not knowing how. I suppose it’s as easy as a quick Google search, but I think I’d rather stare at the pictures.

They’re just more things to toss into my woman cave! 😉

<3 Britt

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  • dmann

    Aren’t you supposed to get cards that convert into items to be used in-game on occasion?

    • Britt

      …Yes. And that may or may not have been another motivating factor.

  • Justin

    You could have just downloaded the card game for PSN and XBL

  • Mark

    Me and some guild mates bought a couple Decks and booster packs when we were up at PAX last year. Was fun trying to learn how to play.

  • did they… wow.. you?

    i suddenly feel very dirty

  • Billy

    That is a slippery slope. I played the wow tcg for awhile and put way too much money/time into it. It’s better not to get started.

  • Nick Sharp

    Anything having to do with WoW is evil. I have friends that I will be hanging out with and they will tell me they have to go home to get ready for a Raid or something else WoW related. So yes, Billy is right with saying it is better not to get started.

  • I know why you bought them ^_^ lol . . .