Snerdles and Gameworks

Soooo here is an edible (?) thing I won at Gameworks last night. At least I think it’s edible — I can’t find a definition on the interwebs as to what the FUCK a “Snerdles” is. Actually, I wish I could say I don’t have a CLUE as to why I exchanged my tickets for this during my drunken stupor, but the truth is I got this Snerdle(s) because our favorite overalls wearing plumber’s face is smothered on it. (I think the two yellow, circular objects are supposed to be coins but I think they resemble vaginas.)

Needless to say when I am drunk anything gaming related is LIKE OMG-I-MUST-HAVE-THIS-IN-MY-WOMAN-CAVE-worthy. (Imagine what happens when I see a guy wearing a gaming t-shirt! HEY-O!!!!) The memory is a little blurry, but I think I also bought this rainbow colored molding gel stuff — which I appropriately nicknamed “buttsex candy” — sadly, it eventually had to be thrown away because I kept dropping it and by the end of the night it looked as if buttsex candy was used to give Sasquatch a back wax.

And to add to my “things I bring home from Gameworks” list, here’s another thing I brought home a few weeks back:

It now sits in my hallway.

I think I have a problem.

If you can’t tell, I trek my ass to Gameworks a LOT. It’s definitely one of my favorite “What should we do tonight?” places to frequent, because not only do they have a KICKASS bar they also have a pretty decent two-story arcade, and, um where else can you drape yourself in tickets and pretend you’re living the good life?!

Aren’t you proud to be my friend?

So, ladies and gentlemen, consider this my “if you ever find yourself in Seattle and/or at Gameworks, hit me up!” invite because you + me + Gameworks = a GREAT time indeed. Trust me, it would be magical. We could play Tank! Tank! Tank!, take weird-ass pictures and become besties.

Also, if you’re planning to attend PAX Prime this summer in Seattle remember Gameworks is, like, two minutes away and if you don’t check it out you’re causing yourself a great deal of internal and emotional harm.


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