Showing You Care: The Gamer Way


THIS COMIC SPEAKS THE TRUTH!  A true act of love is leaving a gamer to game without becoming butthurt. After all, there’s nothing worse than feeling a ping of guilt during a gaming session because someone is sulking in another room. I mean, the simple solution would be to set up two TVs side-by-side so you both can enjoy a button-mashing session. It’d be like spending time together but in different universes or something. <3.

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  • Jaym

    Even better: Sitting and watching (without critiquing or disrupting their gameplay). It’s fun to watch another gamer do their thing to see how they do things differently than you. Especially fun if you can get in their pants later.

    • Britt

      BAHAHAHA. Yes, Jaym, yes. As long as one can just sit and ask questions at appropriate times (AKA not during cutscenes). 😉

  • I’ve yet to date a gamer, but I’d be cool if they wanted some game time. It’ll give me time to do the same.

    • Britt

      Exactly. It’s like, “Baby, I really want to spend time with you but I also want to save galaxies and such.” <3 To find someone who understands would be ideal, right? ;D

  • get two TV’s
    Game on two TV’s side by side o_o
    OMG His and hers gaming TV’s and consoles LOL

    I think you just asploded my brain at the thought of a legit couple both playing video games side by side,

    will a playroom with one computer and one tv work?
    console gamer and pc gamer getting along XD

    • Britt

      Right?! Sure, each person would have to wear headsets so that the audio from each game wouldn’t interfere, but nonetheless, how AMAZING!!!

  • Only gamers would understand.

  • James

    This makes me miss my second tv…R.I.P. Target 20 odd inch tv….