Realistic Zelda Things NOPE

Everyone, I want you to meet Nate. He, as I put it on his Facebook page, is a talented mofo. (I really told him that, and I hope he doesn’t get offended.) You see, in Nate’s spare time “for fun” he draws things. Ah-fucking-mazing things. Things I can never hope nor DREAM to ever produce on paper. He recently drew some Zelda stuff, and rightfully so it’s blowing up on reddit.








Eggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. That’s fucking gnarly. But I can’t…stop staring at it… @_____@

Y’know, I’ve always dreamed about living in an IRL Hyrule, chasing Cuccos, visiting Kakariko, etc.,  but after seeing these photos I’m not so sure. Like, I freak out when I come across a typical garden spider. Could you imagine coming across one of those bad boys in your back yard?! EFF. THAT.

Ahem. But seriously, these are some of the best things I have ever shown my eyeballs. Or that my eyeballs have ever shown me. Either way, let’s show Nate some friggen’ love because he deserves it. (Also because maybe, just maybe if we can butter him up enough he’ll draw a photo of yours truly marrying Link. Preferably Adult Ocarina of Time Link. Or Dark Link. I’d be down for that too.)

Nate’s Facebook Page

Nate’s deviantART

Nate’s Website

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  • Johnny Salas

    How was the last picture done!? It looks too real to be drawn!….RIGHT!?

    • Brittney Brombacher

      RIGHT. This can only mean that Skulltulas are real and a thing in our neighboring forests. We must tread carefully.

      • Johnny Salas

        Tread Carefully? I’m never leaving my house again!

  • Abraham

    Wow! That’s freaking amazing! This guy can DRAW!

    • Brittney Brombacher

      RIGHT?!!! I’m totally floored.

  • Scott Erckman

    thanks for the nightmares.

    • Brittney Brombacher

      Of course! If I had to deal with it, well… 😉

  • Deidre Loiselle-Root

    This guy has some major talent!

  • Vassago

    I just shrieked like a little girl.. In a corporate office… Imma get fired >.<

  • Derrick Daarud

    This is one of three top artists I always look to when I am looking for tutorials on photoshop painting. The other two being Dan Luvisi and Dave Rapoza. Nate’s tutorials might be the best out of the three. Nate is an amazing and inspiring artist.
    Skulltula’s never struck me as something that eerie until now imagining them being mansized is no longer fun…Thanks Brit and Nate.

  • Almostmyturn

    We have these spiders here in Florida. Kinda remind me of skulltulas.